Bernard A. Atieme

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Titles and Organizations

Graduate Professional Assistant for Graduate Student Leadership and Advising
Doctoral Candidate, Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution

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Campus Address: Student Union Building 1 (SUB1), Room 4012


Bernard A. Atieme joins the Graduate Student Life team as Graduate Professional Assistant for graduate student leadership and advising. He has extensive experience mentoring student leaders and supporting student organizations in his academic and professional life. Bernard is currently a doctoral candidate at Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. His master’s degree was in political science, emphasizing politics and public policy. His research interest is on election violence, contentious politics, migration politics, power and corruption, African politics, and development in Africa. Presently Bernard is working on his dissertation, exploring why people participate in election violence. He reads, plays soccer, listens to music, and watches movies in his leisure time.