Supporting Graduate Students

Mason will help students achieve their personal and career goals by supporting advanced learning, emphasizing research and scholarly study, and enhancing professional development. 

Our faculty and staff work in partnership with the Graduate Division to provide students with an education of the highest caliber. Through professional development as a graduate assistant (graduate professional, research, or teaching assistantships) or graduate lecturer, and fellowship opportunities, Mason helps graduate students join our community of scholars and researchers.

In partnership with Graduate Student Life, graduate students will be provided with opportunities to develop the professional skills and connections needed to establish a thriving career, while finding a life outside the classroom and lab.

Some ways to aide in these initiatives is to learn more about becoming a mentor and advising within the classroom or lab, coaching and orienting your students to the resources Mason has outside of the classroom, and helping you students find funding opportunities.


Graduating PhD student in regalia and family
Mason wants success for all our students, such as this newly minted PhD and her family.