External Funding Resources

Mason will help you find funding from outside sources to help cover the cost of your studies.  

An award or grant is external when the funding goes directly to the student from a source outside Mason. This includes such sources as government programs, professional organizations, or private foundations. When students apply for an external award, they compete with applicants from outside Mason on a regional, national, or international level.

Most external awards fund research, fieldwork, international experience (including foreign language training), dissertation writing, or professional development, although a few provide support for tuition.  

The Office of Fellowships provides support for applicants to external grants, fellows, and awards. Contact the Office of Fellowships for support with: 

  • Announcements of funding opportunities and deadlines; 
  • Information sessions; 
  • Application workshops; 
  • Individual / group advising and coaching; 
  • Feedback on application materials; 
  • Guidance on submission processes and university endorsements.

Contact the Graduate Division for information about supplemental support for some external awards, such as assistance in covering the cost of tuition and student health insurance.  

Well-Known Fellowship Programs