International Students

At Mason, you will find a diverse and inclusive community with students from all over the globe.

Applying to your program

Students from outside the United States must meet immigration deadlines and have all application materials ready to submit when applying to a program.  International Admissions can provide resources and guidance, including admissions requirements for international students, deadlines, information about securing visas, and more.

Newly Admitted International Students

All newly admitted international students can attend an orientation designed for international student needs at Mason.  Review the newly-admitted graduate student checklist to ensure the proper processes and materials are submitted in order.

Funding for International Students 

Students who are non-US citizens or non-residents, are not eligible for federal financial aid. However, there are internal and external scholarships available to students, as well as loan options for financing your education. 

Financial Aid counselors at Mason can provide you with information on these opportunities so you can make personalized decisions about what types of support are right for you.

Other Resources